Howard Chou

For The Party

Why Howard Chou for Colorado State Party Chair?

Howard Chou is prepared for the role of Colorado State Party Chair.

  • As the current 1st Vice Chair of the CDP, Howard has the skills, knowledge, and experience to manage the day-to-day functions of the entire Colorado Democratic Party working with officers, the Executive Director and staff.

  • Howard currently engages in call-time to support the party's fundraising efforts.

  • Howard has extensive experience negotiating contract agreements and working with vendors.

  • Howard currently recruits, trains, advises and helps candidates and volunteers. He staffs multi county re-organizations, assemblies and conventions. He is also a part of the interview process for hiring party personnel.

  • Howard has campaign and strategy plans for the next two years to lead Colorado Democrats to victory.

  • Howard serves as the elected Treasurer for the Association of State Democratic Committees, the Democratic National Committee Western Region, and is on the Executive Board of the DNC Climate Crisis Council.

  • Howard has facilitated and moderated strategy discussions on the party platform, issues and disputes.

  • Howard has worked on the Colorado Narrative Project and has been working on messaging for the last 16 years.

  • Howard worked with the current Chair to be legally compliant and understand all legal boundaries.

  • Howard has current relationships with a majority of elected officials and progressive organizations locally and nationally.

  • Howard has been a grassroots volunteer working on voter registration, recruitment, targeting, GOTV and hold and flip campaigns across Colorado. He knows what it takes to win!

Honored to represent Colorado at the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention

Colorado State Party Chair
Job Description

The State Chair is responsible for the day-to-day running of the entire Colorado Democratic Party.

The Chair is responsible for personnel decisions, signing of contracts and raising money to pay for the operations and campaign projects of the Colorado Democratic Party.

The Colorado State Chair recruits and trains candidates, volunteers, supports and trains county parties and is responsible for planning multi-county and state bi-annual re-organizations, assemblies and conventions.

The Chair devises a campaign plan for the priorities each year, in periodic consultation with the other officers.

The Colorado State Party chair is an automatic member of the Democratic National Committee and the Association of State Democratic Chairs and EDs.

The Colorado State Chair creates the agenda and presides over the State Central and Executive meetings, including State Re-Organization, Assembly and Convention.

The State Chair sets the leadership tone and priority projects of the state party, helps resolve disputes, and provides messaging and digital guidance for local leaders and activists across the state.

The Colorado State Party Chair works closely with the other officers for planning and implementing projects and works closely with the Executive Director and other staff on the day to day operations and projects of the party.

The Chair is responsible for compliance with the law, adequate insurance, and for all state party contracts.

The Colorado State Party Chair is a full-time (plus) position and is expected to also build relationships with Democratic elected officials at the federal, state and local level.

It is the responsibility of the Colorado State Party Chair to lead the state to elect as many Democrats as possible. This means overseeing voter registration, recruitment, training, persuasion and targeting guidance, voter protection and get out the vote. This may include flipping new seats, defending current seats or defeating recall efforts against our candidates.