About Howard Chou

An immigrant from China, Howard Chou and his family came to the United States through the sponsorship of his late grandmother, a refugee who was granted asylum in the US. Howard's grandfather died fighting against communism in China and his grandmother had to flee to Taiwan by boat. However her boat was boarded and she jumped into the ocean to avoid capture and was luckily rescued by US Navy and brought to the US.  There she was detained until she was given refugee status. His grandmother then did everything she could working through the years until she could finally afford to sponsor his family to the US in 1980. The sacrifice, the lives that Howard's grandparents has given is what drives him everyday. 

Howard is the youngest of 2 kids from a working-class family who decided he was going to be a Democrat in the 7th grade. That happened because he met then California State Assemblywoman, now retired Congresswoman Jackie Speier and learned about assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan and what they did for the community. Howard first used his voice in political activism as a high school student speaking out at San Mateo City Hall during the 1992 Rodney King civil unrest. Howard has fought for Democratic values ever since, becoming increasingly more involved as a volunteer and party leader over the years and first getting into Colorado party leadership when elected as the 1st Vice Chair for Douglas County in 2017. 

Howard is the former 1st Vice Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, serving in that capacity from 2018 to 2023. Howard is also the Co-Founder and Former Chair of the Colorado Democrats Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative. Nationally, Howard was the Treasurer of the Association of Democratic State Committee (the State Party branch of the DNC) and is the first Coloradan to serve as an officer since the 90s. In addition, Howard served as the Treasurer of the Western Region of the DNC, Director of AAPI Engagement on the DNC Environmental and Climate Crisis Council and has served on the State Advisory Board for Colorado of Climate Power. Howard is a grassroots, boots on the ground activist who is engaged in many community organizations including Colorado Black Women for Political Action, Asian Pacific Development Center and the Colorado Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Coalition. Howard is also one of the founding members of the Colorado Working Families Party and currently serves on its executive committee. Howard was also recently elected to the Board of Colorado People's Alliance.

Howard has worked professionally in Market Research and Polling for over 17 years including working on the CBS News "Instapol Heat Thermometer" used during the Gore-Bush Presidential debates of 2000. Howard also worked for Benenson Strategy Group (and IModerate), the private polling and message testing firm for Barack Obama Presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012, for over 15 years. Howard's work in the industry includes Political Ad and Message testing with all methods of polling, including five Democratic Presidential campaigns.  Recently has been a campaign manager and political director for local and congressional Democratic candidates and the Outreach Director for Heart of Denver.

Howard is a husband and father of two school-aged children in Douglas County. A dedicated organizer, activist and volunteer, Howard works strategically with candidates, and during election cycles can be found working hard in the field doing whatever it takes to elect Democrats. Howard enjoys all aspects of campaign event planning, holding voter registration drives, canvassing doors, participating in phone/texting banks, fundraising and donating to Democratic causes and candidates across Colorado

In the 2022 election cycle alone, Howard supported, organized and hosted over 100 events across Colorado and canvassed for more than 50 Democratic candidates knocking on over 1000 doors